Who is Commercial Investigations LLP

Commercial Investigations LLP (CI) commenced operations since 1990. Mr. Philip Tan has since overseen more than 10,000 cases and has given evidence in numerous trials in the Singapore High Courts and Singapore State Courts (formerly known as Subordinate Courts). Well versed in the industry and among lawyers, the company has grown and now services clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We are one of the most rapidly and trusted growing Professional Investigation firms in Asia.

Commercial Investigations LLP was founded to provide professional investigation services. With our extensive years of experience we have branch into Consulting / Analysis on Matrimonial cases to assist our Clients to move on with their lives. Our experience and expertise combined with analytical investigations skill result in positive and sound outcome.

Our Investigators licensed by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD), are highly trained who take pride in their work and respect for our industry. We invest and frequently up-grade our equipment that provide crystal clear images. We provide our team with the expertise to manage all cases efficiently and effectively.

Our detectives are all full-time career investigators recruited from the police/military or other specialised fields. Their backgrounds are vetted and they undergo intensive in-house and on-the-job trainings to ensure that all investigations are conducted professionally with high degree of integrity. One of our teams is headed by a senior female operative who is in charge of matrimonial investigations and other personal cases.

In addition, we maintain a variety of vehicles which will enhance the operations, having a great advantage over other companies.

A senior private detective will be deployed as a case controller in each case. He/she will analyse the case, present the case with available options to obtain the necessary evidence and direct the team members under his/her charge. The client will be kept posted on the on-going case.

How a Private Investigator / Private Detective / Investigator / Detective / Commercial Investigator / Corporate Investigator / Matrimonial Investigator / Private Eye work in Singapore

Many people have a stereotypical idea of how a Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye work in Singapore. They are mostly part-timers moon lighting without any Investigation training, trying to earn extra income. In most people's view, any person can be a Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye work in Singapore.

In actual fact, in Singapore, a Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye is required by law to go through a course approved by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD) and passed before they can be qualified to be a Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye. After passing the course approved by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD) and if they are employed by Commercial Investigations LLP, those Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye will undergo intensive training. E.g. used of the latest equipment, how to gather evidence, how to conduct effective surveillance, how to disguise, how to conduct counter surveillance, how to gather intelligence and how to use suitable pretext. Those Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye employed by Commercial Investigations LLP will be constantly upgrading their investigation skills.

Some of Commercial Investigations LLP's, Private Investigator / Private Detective / Private Eye are trained in specified field of Investigation. E.g. Due diligence, intellectual property investigation, background investigation, business conflict investigation, financial investigation, employees investigation, conflict of interest investigation, market research investigations, theft investigation, corruption investigation, vandalism / mischief investigation and defamation investigation.

In Singapore today, all Private Investigation agencies need an operating licence approved by Singapore Police Force (PLRD) to operate a Private Investigation agency.

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